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We sell items to fund for the charity and our website.
70% of the money made goes into the charity!
Kids in third world country
Become a volunteer
Today you can become a super-hero.
Help the less fortunate by selling your creative items.


keychain product

Customisable keychain with red decorative strings and chinese calligraphy.
Takes about 1 week of preparation time.
Order from us now!


Keychain/Bag accessory. Made of amazing oak wood for durability and long-lasting.

Start customising your own Surname and the meaning behind it!
A great gift for your parents,friends or any elderly!

phone case product

Customisable phone cases with black background casings.
Takes about 1 week of preparation time.
Order from us now!


Phone casing. Made of Polyvinyl Chloride plastic for light and long-lasting protection for your phone.

Start customising your favourite characters or objects on the casing!
A great gift for your girlfriends or even an upcoming birthday friend!


As you can see from our logo, people holding hands connecting together to help the less fortunate. We can do a part and start now to make a difference.

To raise awareness of less fortunate kids and do a part to help them to be able to do what you do.
To help the commmunity contribute and provide something that we can to help others.
We sell products from customizable keychain to phone cases.

There's a saying in Chinese that people who do good deeds will get good in return.
Furthermore, a dollar to you may seem less but it is worth a lot to them. It's never too late to start lending a helping hand.
Help to purchase items now! 70% of the profit here goes to the charity!


Kelvin On

Kelvin On

Event Organiser & Founder

Warm-hearted guy, managing events in organisation.

Grayson Lim

Grayson Lim

Website Developer/Designer & Founder

Passionate in helping, managing of this website

Aaron Poh

Aaron Poh

Book-keeper & Founder

Young at heart, small and smart.


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